Frequently Asked Questions

Is neuroAD right for all AD patients?

The neuroAD technology is currently CE-marked for “the treatment of mild to moderate AD.”

Is neuroAD contraindicated for use in conjunction with ChEI treatment?

Preliminary clinical trial results indicated that the neuroAD system potentially delivers superior results over ChEIs. However, neuroAD treatments can be administered safely in conjunction with current ChEI drug therapies, so that patients can enjoy the benefits of both. And unlike ChEI drugs, no serious adverse events were reported with the neuroAD system.

Where have the trial results been published?

Results have been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international scientific conferences. You can review them here. A multi-site clinical trial is recently completed in the U.S. for FDA approval.

Is neuroAD useful for other cognitive impairments?

neuroAD, based on Neuronix’s NICE™ technology, may potentially be useful for MCI or other forms of dementia. Development at Neuronix is ongoing and the potential for further applications certainly exists.

Is neuroAD available for patients today?

neuroAD is currently commercially available in Europe and Israel, and is an investigational device in the U.S. A multi-site clinical trial is taking place throughout the U.S.. For information about the clinical trial in the U.S. (Study No. NCT 01825330), please visit the U.S. government clinical trial site at For information on how to find a physician outside the U.S., please contact

Who is behind the ongoing research and development?

Neuronix’s team of engineers, neuropsychologists, researchers and physicians developed this unique and breakthrough technology. In addition, the development team is supported by the company’s Scientific Advisory Board, which includes several world-leading researchers in Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease.


neuroAD is an investigational device currently not commercially available in the United States.
neuroAD is CE-cleared and commercially available for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease in Europe.

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