Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Read how these people, or their loved ones, have experienced an improvement in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s symptoms.

R. Isaac, MD, U.S.

“I want others to know there is another option to help your brain and that is Neuronix. I have had 30 treatments [in Israel]; my memory has improved with the treatments. I am able to follow conversation better and I understand more.”

Sara & Emanuel, Israel

“Beyond the quantifiable results in terms of ADASCOG scores my mother experienced after a series of neuroAD treatments, we noticed a marked improvement in our mother’s mood, her confidence and her willingness to socially interact with friends and family.”


“We are now 10 months down the road since she finished her treatment, and I have to tell you that she is still very well. She is much calmer, and more relaxed, and although her short term memory is still not good, it is actually much better than it was before she started her treatment.”

neuroAD is an investigational device currently not commercially available in the United States.
neuroAD is CE-cleared and commercially available for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease in Europe.

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