Treatment with the neuroADTM Therapy System consists of 30 one hour treatment sessions performed over the course of 6 weeks.

Prior to treatment, each patient undergoes an MRI scan which identifies the areas in the brain that have been affected by AD. A neuro-specialist then evaluates the images and identifies the six cortical brain regions affected by AD on the MRI scan. The neuroADTM system then superimposes the anatomical location of each brain area on the MRI scan in such a way that the position of each cortical region is identified for Repetitive Transcranial Stimulation (TMS) application.

TMS is a highly safe treatment modality that has been used to treat psychiatric and neurological conditions for over three decades. It is used to treat depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), migraines and other neurological conditions. TMS uses alternating magnetic fields for discrete non-invasive probing and modulation of cortical excitability and functions, which has been shown to promote synaptic plasticity, and hypothesized to encourage Long-Term Potentiation (LTP).

TMS is applied to the following cortical brain regions:

  • The right and left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (R-d1PFC and L-d1PFC) which are responsible for long-term memory, judgement, and executive functions.
  • The Broca and Wernicke (the left frontal and left posterior regions of the temporal lobe) in charge of language functions.
  • The right and left parietal somatosensory association cortex (R-pSAC and L-pSAC) that manage spatial and topographical orientation and praxis.

In conjunction with the TMS, patients undergo active cognitive training (CgT) which further stimulates the cortical regions. The purpose of the CgT is to improve or at least maintain the functionality of the treated regions and to reinforce the availability of cognitive reserve.

The CgT software of the neuroADTM Therapy System adjusts itself to the cognitive level of the patient, and patients have consistently reported that the CgT has been a positive and non-threatening experience.

Research carried out by Neuronix has confirmed that there is a synergistic effect between the TMS and the CgT, and that when they are combined, they yield an improvement in patient’s cognitive skills.

The treatment with the neuroADTM Therapy System can be administered safely in conjunction with cholinesterase inhibitor drugs.

After completing the 6-week treatment course, a physician assessment determines the most suitable follow-up protocol.