Is treatment with the neuroAD™ Therapy System suitable for all AD patients?

No. The treatment is currently CE-marked for “the treatment of mild to moderate AD.” Patients need to be able to interact with the neuroADTM Therapy System in order to perform the cognitive training (they need to be able to read and understand simple instructions etc.). Patients should also be able to undergo TMS intervention as per standard TMS safety guidelines.

Can treatment with the neuroAD™ Therapy System be prescribed in conjunction with cholinesterase inhibitor drugs?

Yes. The treatments can be safely administered in conjunction with current Alzheimer’s drug therapies, so that patients can enjoy the benefits of both.

Is treatment with the neuroAD™ Therapy System available for patients today?

Yes.  The treatment is CE approved and commercially available in select clinics in Europe, Australia and Asia.  In the U.S. the neuroADTM is an investigational device and is pending FDA clearance. For information on how to find a physician outside the U.S., please contact us at info@neuronixmedical.com.

Who is behind the ongoing research and development?

Neuronix’s team of engineers, neuropsychologists, researchers and physicians developed this innovative technology. In addition, the development team is assisted by Alzheimer’s researchers, which include several world-leading researchers in Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease.