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Eileen Brannigan – Patient

Eileen Brannigan

Eileen Brannigan - Patient

“I feel like I am back to who I was before…my confidence is back, I don’t feel mentally ill any more”

Robert Dublin – Caregiver

Robert Dublin

Robert Dublin - Caregiver

“There has definitely been an improvement. She is the ‘life of the party’ and has had the initiative to go back to painting again.”

Eline Gutelman – Caregiver

Eline Gutelman

Eline Gutelman - Caregiver

“I was able to see improvements and he is now taking piano lessons. The teacher gives him new pieces that he begins to play and remembers. It’s very encouraging.”

R. Isaac, MD

R. Isaac, MD

R. Isaac, MD

“I want others to know there is another option to help your brain and that is Neuronix. I have had 30 treatments [in Israel]; my memory has improved with the treatments. I am able to follow conversations better and I understand more.”



   M, UK   

“We are now 10 months down the road since she finished her treatment, and I have to tell you that she is still very well. She is much calmer, and more relaxed, and although the short term memory is still not good, it is actually much better than it was before she started her treatment.”