Established in 2008, Neuronix develops new methods for modifying the course of treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and offers hope and the potential for long-term improvement in the quality of life of patients. Led by a highly motivated management team and supported by leading researchers and physicians in the field, Neuronix’s neuroAD Therapy System recently completed a multi-center clinical study in the United States and is commercially available in clinics in Europe and Israel.


Restore cognitive function in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease

The neuroAD Therapy System is based on the company’s core Non Invasive patented technology and CE-marked for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. This novel technology uses Magnetic Stimulation, concurrently interlaced with Cognitive Training and directed at specific brain regions affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. This combination induces LTP (Long-Term Potentiation), which is associated with learning and memory processes. Results have indicated measurable cognitive improvement, after just a few weeks of treatment, which has shown to last for up to one year.


Peer-reviewed clinical data

Several published studies performed at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA),  Israel, and other locations showed statistically significant clinical results compared with placebo following 6 weeks of daily 1-hr sessions. neuroAD Therapy System is CE-marked for commercial use in Europe for the treatment of Alzheimer patients.

A multi-center clinical study was recently completed in the US, and will be used to support a submission seeking US-FDA clearance.


Neuronix is a privately-held company with headquarters in Israel, and subsidiaries in USA and UK.

neuroAD is an investigational device currently not commercially available in the United States.
neuroAD is CE-cleared and commercially available for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease in Europe.

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